I love the web, I love good design — and I love bringing the two together!

My name is Katrine-Marie Burmeister and I am a web developer / web-and-graphic designer / consultant. Yeah, I'm a slash-worker.

I love working on the web because it never becomes routine. I find it mentally stimulating to be working with technology that evolves so quickly - having constant opportunities to grow and evolve my skills.

I have a broad range of experience ranging from graphic design over frontend development, backend development, and I have even managed to dip my toes into server administration (although I'd really rather have done without it).

If you have a web, or perhaps a design, project you'd like some help realizing - feel free to contact me. I'd be glad to hear of it.

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Clients, Employers and Partners - Past and Present:

I am 50% developer - 50% artist and 100% human being.

I do have a passion for frontend development and for webdesign. That passion will, however, never be allowed to seep into my spare time. In order to stay creative and to deliver my best at work, I need time off to recharge, work on my art and poetry, and be with my family and friends. This should be common sense to most people - but not necessarily those in the IT industry. That's why I state it specifically.

And yes, you heard me right. Besides all the web-related work, I am also a poet and an artist - when I can find the time to be.

Look around this site to get to know me better, or go directly to the contact form if you wish to get in touch.

The Briefest Possible Resume:


Web developer / Web + graphic designer at Diving 2000
November 2016 - present
Web consultant at Fjordstudio.dk
June 2016 - present
Writer, poet, translator at Fjordscene
June 2010 - present


Webintegrator at SDE
August 2014 - September 2016
HF (high school) at Nakskov Gymnasium og HF
August 2006 - June 2009

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