What I Like - And How it Relates to my Work

Dark blue denotes interest, light blue denotes skill level:

Spare Time Interests

I cannot stress this point too strongly: My life does NOT revolve exclusively around code! I code out of interest, and I do so gladly while at work, but in my spare time I engage in many other creative endeavors, and it is crucial to me that I have the time to do so. Namely: writing and pictorial art. You can find some of my written works on Fjordscene, my writing blog where you can also see what I'm currently planning / working on.

I also read a lot; I'm well-versed in classical literature and poetry, but the occassional fantasy or sci-fi novel makes an appearance as well.

I have worked a good deal with translating poetry from Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and German into English, as I find solace in poetry - and also because it saddened me that a good deal of modern surrealist Nordic poetry was unavailable to the world at large. See ScandiPoetry, the home of my Gustaf Munch-Petersen and Edith Södergran translations online.

I am also a rather prolific macro and nature photographer / Nikon enthusiast. See my photography portfolio.

Other interests include animation, ARPG gaming (Grim Dawn and Path of Exile primarily), travelling, Star Trek, Shoegaze music, swimming and horseback riding (when I have the time).

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