Who Am I Really (Besides a Developer?)

My writing

I have written poetry (seriously) since 2010, and publish my work on Fjordscene.com. Apart from poetry, prose texts have in increasing amounts crept in over the last couple of years - leading to essays, short stories and a (so far) unfinished novel.

Writing is by far my favourite form of expression - allowing me to "say" so many things I cannot get out of my mouth.

The main themes of my writings are transience, interconnection vs. alienation, nature and time/changes.


I have also translated a bit of poetry from Swedish and Danish into English. Primarily the works of Edith Södergran and Gustaf Munch-Petersen.

A selfie (of sorts) of me in my art studio, which isn't very big but contains a giant, and rather practical, mirror.

Recent examples of my artwork. These are part of a series I have yet to complete but have high hopes for. The veils are symbolic, not literal.

My artwork

Artwork is something that I have long simply considered an extra outlet for the things I couldn't quite express in words, but still needed to say. A sort of exhaust valve for when poetry didn't quite do the trick.

Now, I am coming to realize that my pictorial artwork and my writing feed off each other - enhance and speak to each other.

I have a small art studio in my apartment - allowing me to work continuously on projects in calm surroundings.
Hopefully, this winter may see my first solo exhibition. Provided I can get to finish everything in time.

My photography

Photography - for me - started out with the fascination that came with being able to show people how my vision works.
I am blind on one eye - so my concept of depth is entirely different from that of other people. But photography was a level playing field: A 2D plane posing as 3D. That I see exactly as everybody else.

From there on it took off and led me to primarily focus on macro photography - allowing me to fuse my love and interest of science (which I was never able to translate into either study or job) with art - thereby combining disparate interests into one.

My photography website is currently being (re-)developed, so this one picture will have to do for now.

My web presence:

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