Project: Fashion Online

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  • Completed: 2016-09-16
  • Stack: Custom CMS
    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Google Maps API w. geocoding, reCAPTCHA

Goal: My exam project at SDE. One week - both custom CMS and the frontend.

This is my exam site, which I had a week to make and afterwards had to defend both in writing and orally - after which I received the Danish grade 12 (which is an A).

We each had a week to complete the project - some parts of which were mandatory, and some optional. I managed to cram in every objective, and added responsiveness on top of it as icing on the cake.

Many of the functions are not immediately visible on the page but is hidden behind the login form in the top right corner - that's the login to the custom control panel I did in PHP where both admins and retailers can manage the site - add, edit and remove products, images and news - check their inbox for messages (which potential customers can make from contact forms at each retailers profile in the frontend), update their profiles etc. 

The retailer profile can be found after searching for their name or location, and includes their data and a Google Map that automatically updates based on the address given. 

Both the CAPTCHA at the contact form, the message inbox and the dynamically updating Google Map were optional elements - so was the slider at the bottom of the frontend pages and the newsletter signup form.

You can find a version of the site here to peruse.


I got extra credit for completing everything - and on time - for writing a good manual for the site, for having added sprinkled of OOP even though it wasn't a requirement, for the amount of validation on the forms and the feedback pop-ups as well as for making the site responsive. The grade was 12 (A).

This site was my journeyman's examination - made to test the skills I'd gained in the two years leading up to it. I consider it positive that I found it relatively easy. I am pleased with the result, and all in all it was a nice finishing chapter.

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