Project: Fjordstudio

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  • Completed: 2016-02-17
  • Stack: HTML, CSS, SVG, Velocity, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, custom REST API

Goal: It started as an online CV. And then it just kept expanding...

This is obviously the site you're currently at.

The current design is the third iteration. At first, the website looked like this:

Screenshot of the original design of this site

It was a one-pager with some handy smooth scroll and GSAP animations - and plenty of SVG shapes. It was fun to make, but couldn't contain much information - and therefore had to go in favour of the second design:

Screenshot of the second design of this site

I must say I was pleased with that one. The design was focused and used only blue, light grey and white. The site contained the most important things, provided nice contrast... It's just that, after a while, it started to feel a bit dated and I grew tired of it and wanted something more spacious and minimalistic.

This is where the new and current design (made in early June/July 2018) comes in.

The menu is entirely different - part horizontal and part hamburger on desktop, and all merged into the hamburger menu on mobile. The design is lighter and lets each element stand out more.

Also, this approach allows me to fit a good deal more content onto the site - especially the navigation concept is a big win here.

And now I was at it, I fitted a lot of small UI animations into the site (because I can). I have a feeling I'm going to get attached to this. ;-)

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