Project: Sativa Rent

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  • Completed: 2015-11-10
  • Stack: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL

Goal: Create a visitcard website for a small, Odense-based cleaning company.

When the company was first founded (I was a co-founder) back in 2012, I made a website for it. However, when I left the company my former partner decided to hire someone else to make another, since he 'just didn't like it'.

However, the web design company in question (not mentioning any names) screwed it up entirely. Both the e-mail and the site itself. He ended up with a botched 'responsive' layout with fixed-height images and no alignment of, well, anything. Also, forms that did nothing, and a CMS system that only had about 50% up time.

So, unsurprisingly, I eventually received a phone call from him asking for yet another new website.

The new site

The new website for Sativa Rent was made with a much cleaner design and more streamlined content, as well as being much more ambitious in terms of responsiveness.

I also decided to keep it IE8 compatible since there was a chance the audience could be older than average due to it being a cleaning company - although unfortunately, I didn't have any data to back it up with as there was no Analytics enabled on the last site.

I built the site layout using CSS3 Flexbox, with inline-block as fallback for IE9 and 8.

Where the color scheme was concerned, I stuck to the green/black/white color scheme on the site overall since the company owner wanted the site to reflect, among other things, environmental concern and sustainability (in relation to the materials and chemicals used for cleaning). However, I sampled a darker green color from the site logo to use for the header and footer instead of the lime green the past webdesigner had decided on, since it was too light and produced way too little contrast with the white and grey text (and in any case looked ridiculously unprofessional).

Final Thoughts

It makes me sad to think that there are companies out there who charge large amounts of money for botched layouts and half-finished templates. It makes me even sadder to think of how easily they can convince clients to change to their 'services' since said clients really don't know the first thing about web development and therefore aren't aware of the potential pitfalls.

Of course, my perspective is unique in this case since I made both the first and third website for this company. But it just saddens and angers me to know how much trouble the second site caused, even though I had nothing to do with it. 

© Katrine-Marie Burmeister, June 2019