Project: Dive Resort Funen - website

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  • Completed: 2016-12-23
  • Stack: WordPress, WP Multilingual CMS, CSS

Goal: Trilingual website (German, Danish, English) promoting dive trips to Funen, Denmark.

This is a trilingual website promoting diving trips to Funen.

I did a re-make / clean-up of this website before the yearly Boot Messe in Germany, 2017. 

The site was originally designed to be a check-out process but it was never completed. I started out removing a lot of unnecessary elements before converting it to an infopage.

Apart from that, I had to translate content into three different languages (Danish, German and English).

As this is a WordPress installation, I had the benefit of WP Multilingual. However, the setup previously made on the site meant that the Danish version always overrode the German on certain pages, so a good deal of the pages had to be re-done from the bottom up.

Apart from that, it is certainly a great plugin, and I would gladly recommend it to others - as long as they use it responsibly and set it up properly. It is a lot of work to clean up afterwards if there's already conflicts.

Anyhow, there's little left of the original page after I was done - I made most of the pages, laid them out and did most of the content - as well as adjustments to the styling wherever necessary.

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