Project: Dive Resort Funen - folder

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  • Completed: 2017-01-10
  • Stack: Printed: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop.
    Online: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Underscores, Backbone, turn.js

Goal: The folder I made to promote the Dive Resort at the 2017 BOOT MESSE. Available both online and printed.

The challenge of this folder was incorporating a map on a spread - with annotations. Apart from thet, the folder had to include information about accommodation and types of diving in the vicinity - and in two langauges to boot.

I went for the most obvious choice and laid the text out in two columns on each page - the first in German and the second in English.

In order to make more room, I overlaid the headlines on the images - and in order to create balance and make the text content feel less heavy, I split the text up with images - on every second page at the top and bottom, and every second page the image was placed in the middle instead.

Where the map was concerned, it is located at the center spread, and includes both dive spots and accommodation. There is also an icon key and a larger map showing the exact location of the enlarged area.

I had a problem fitting the selection into the spread since it was technically two areas - ech on their own side of the island, and the one much smaller than the other. However, in the end I managed to make it fit by scaling up the smaller piece to create a zoom effect.

The annotation boxes are semi-transparent and overlaid on the map, each numbered to match a map location.

© Katrine-Marie Burmeister, June 2019