Project: DV2K Image Gallery

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  • Completed: 2017-03-23
  • Stack: WordPress, Frontend Uploader, HTML, CSS

Goal: Image gallery allowing for easy user upload so that the dive instructors can send in images immediately after a dive.

I made this image gallery to facilitate easy user upload, as well as make it easier to find images - based on upload month and/or search.

It has been a general problem that images from dive trips were difficult to retrieve since people were supposed to send them in themselves. Easy user upload (with admin approval before insertion on a page) seemed the obvious answer.

Also, images are lost in social media timelines - on a dedicated page they can come into their own, and it will be possible to go back and view them again with little to no effort.

Main Concerns

Security, in a word. When users can upload their own content, obviously, it poses certain risks. I spend a lot of time setting up firewall and various spam protection, as well as (most obviously) limiting the type of files that could be uploaded.

Technology Stack

The site is made in WordPress (speed of development being key here). I made a child theme in order to implement the corporate styling appropriate - plugins include Yoast SEO (duh), WP Security, Frontend Uploader and WP Spam-Shield and much more.

Surprisingly, the most irritating / difficult aspect was to implement an image gallery that lived up to my expectations delivered the necessary functionality. It had to be easy to use in the dashboard since I wouldn't necessarily always be the one to use it - and it had to be responsive, as well as supporting Danish messages (custom or otherwise). FooGallery with FooBox delivered - but NextGEN failed. Miserably.

If time hadn't been an issue I could've easily coded a website with the above-mentioned functionality from scratch. That was however not an option.

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