Project: Fjordscene

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  • Completed: 2018-03-28
  • Stack: WordPress

Goal: Creating a personal publishing platform - giving the users an easy overview of my work

The story behind Fjordscene is a long one. It started back in 2011 when I first needed a publishing platform for my poems. Back then, my coding skills were not good enough for the challenge, so I made a sort of hosted blog.

While there have been several versions of the design, the initial version looked something like this:

The original Fjordscene blog

Obviously, the solution was an unsatisfactory one which provided me with no control over the data - and very little control over the design. So, in December 2017 I decided to close the site while I thought through the options.

In March 2018 I managed to transfer the domain name to my own server - and the hosted version of the website was gone for good.

Then followed a lot of tedious copy/paste work, which however also enabled me to edit a lot of the content, so it actually wasn't half bad. It just took a long time.

And then I could finally organize everything into categories - add tags - all the basic things I would have liked to do before but lacked the options for.

The design is pretty straight-forward (if I may say so). It is a child theme based on Storefront (yeah, I might add a shop for eBooks later). It carries the colors of the former site, but nothing besides. There really wasn't much worth saving - from my perspective.

So, all in all, I am back in business and able to publish my poetry, other written works, translations - and throw in a section about my artwork for good measure.

© Katrine-Marie Burmeister, June 2019