Project: Black Friday 2017

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  • Completed: 2017-11-17
  • Stack: Printed: Adobe CC
    Online: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Underscores, Backbone, turn.js

Goal: Making a sales folder for Diving 2000's Black Friday event, 2017

For Black Friday 2017, I was tasked with making a sales folder. The reason being obvious.

However, as previous sales folders I had made for Diving 2000 didn't seem to work as well as I'd have liked, I proposed a change of pace.

My hypothesis was that someone new to diving wouldn't find it easy to scan through a spread with 14-16 different products that essentially look the same. Why not provide fewer products, and more explanations? Give people a reason why they should choose this specific product. What can it do for you? Why this and not something other?

Therefore, the design looks somewhat different from previous catalogues. It is simpler, more spacious, and contains a good deal more text.
As it was Black Friday, it is also - of course - dark.

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