Project: Waterproof Days 2017

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  • Completed: 2017-10-18
  • Stack: Printed: Adobe CC
    Online: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Underscores, Backbone, turn.js

Goal: Creating a condensed folder advertising a Waterproof sales event.

Waterproof Days is an annual sales event in Diving 2000 for Waterproof products. In the autumn of 2017 I was tasked with making a sales folder for this. However, as time was running short, we decided on a rather brief version of it.

Instead of setting aside a whole page for the program and introduction to the event, that was merged with the frontpage - which gave me whole new opportunities whereas background images were concerned, since it didn't have to take up the whole of the page.

The products inside the folder were carefully places in terms of relations to each other - since very little room for descriptions were available, and they would therefore have to speak much by themselves.

Since the Waterproof products would obviously have to take center stage, they were given the first spread, whereas general sales were placed later in order.

The dark design signifies the coming of Winter, and therefore accentuated the need for the advertised products (which were suited for the Nordic winter).

© Katrine-Marie Burmeister, June 2019