Project: Diving 2000

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  • Completed: 2018-06-01
  • Stack: Custom WordPress template file
    Plain HTML and CSS with just a sprinkle of PHP templating

Goal: Re-vamping an existing visiting card website in order to provide a better overview

This was a re-design of an existing frontpage which was starting to look incredibly dated.

The client wanted the rest of the website preserved unaltered even though it wasn't really needed anymore, for the sake of good SEO placements. But actually, the site was mostly just needed as a visiting card, quickly outlining the client's services, and providing links to them all.

The solution, since the website was made in WordPress, was to create a custom frontpage template.

The design became a good deal more streamlined, not to mention flat, and incirporated the entirety of the screen real estate instead of being restricted to a centre column.

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