Project: SDE Portfolio

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  • Completed: 2016-04-02
  • Stack: Custom WordPress theme w. custom plugins.
    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL

Goal: Create a portfolio site for school projects in 2 days by means of a custom-made WordPress theme.

Notes on school work

I decided when I made this showcase site (the one you're currently on, in case you're wondering) that I wouldn't generally include school work on it but only my own personal projects. This was for a bunch of reasons. To name a few: 1) much of the school assignments were outdated, 2) I'd rather showcase my own designs and my own code instead of things I'd built based on other people's planning and screenshots.

But there are a few exceptions to this rule. That includes every free assignment that I've made from scratch - such as the Paul Simon fansite also featured on this site. 

This portfolio site is another example. Obviously, since this is a site built specifically for showing school projects, I don't have to even consider showing any school work on this showcase site from now on - it's all gathered on this portfolio instead.

About the portfolio

As stated previolsy, this site is a custom WordPress theme that I coded from scratch. The design is simple as I didn't have the time to make a bigger deal out of it want to remove focus from the content.

I used a monospace font for the headlines in order to give it a codish feel (did that word exist or did I just invent it?), which also account for the carets around the title.

Apart from that, in keeping with my personal 'brand', I use the same portrait logo as I do on the site you're currently on, both on the home page and as a favicon. 

If I were to highlight anything in particular it'd be the fairly rad hover-effect I rather inadvertently created for the case grid, and my taxonomy implementation on my custom post type which made it possible for me to colour code the cases based on categories...

So go and check out my school portfolio by all means. I promise, not all the school assignments on show there are equally terrible. The text is, however, in Danish, so consider yourselves warned.

© Katrine-Marie Burmeister, June 2019