How I've Progressed

DV2K MigrationSep '17

Migrated servers. Coded the new website from scratch. Completely new stack: Angular, Sass, Grunt, PHP Smarty...

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Re-designed ScandiPoetryAug '17

This was a long overdue overhaul, and improves the navigation a lot.

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Volunteering, FrivilligCenter OdenseJan - May '17

I helped plan and prototype for the new volunteer organization directory site.

Started work, Diving 2000Nov '16

I started working as a web - and graphic designer at Diving 2000 roughly two months after graduating. Web development, web design, WordPress, graphic design, add campaigns and interactive graphics - etc.

Graduation, Web-integratorSep '16

I graduated the two-year program in web development at SDE after completing my final (journeyman's) exam - the grade I got was 12 (A)

Made This WebsiteMay '16

That's when I decied to code a personal portfolio website. TL;DR - it's the site you're currently at.

No button needed; you're already here.

ScandiPoetryDec '15

Finally found the time to make a website for my Danish/Swedish poetry translations.

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Made CodePen ProfileApr '15

After snooping around and admiring the work of other people, I decided it was time to try contributing something of my own. It's been a fun and educational ride so far.

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Started at SDEAug '14

I'd had a taste of code and I knew that I wanted to get better at it, so I enrolled in the course 'Web-integrator' at SDE college in Odense. When I did, I didn't imagine I'd become smitten with it, but that's exactly what happened.

The study is a two-year course covering HTML, CSS, responsive web design, PHP, MySQL, E-commerce, SEO and more.

Photography PortfolioMar '13

This is the first personal website I made which is still being actively maintained. The others have retired - this is the last one standing. And considering how fond of it I am, I guess I'll have to leave it be.

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High SchoolAug '06 - Jun '09

I went to HF at Nakskov Gymnasium during this period of time. It was before I discovered code, so at the time I was primarily interested in science and history.

Final average score: 10,6.