How I've Progressed Careerwise

As difficult as the selection was, these are the moments I personally consider to have been of major importance in my career. Whether for technical or personal reasons.

DV2K CalendarJuly '18 -

Work in progress. Re-creating the entire calendar (web) app for members.

Stack: PHP, MySQL and MSSQL (yes, you heard right).

My Poetry WebsiteMar '18

I finally got the time to revamp my personal publication platform - and move it to a Danish server. Now - let the poetry (re-)commence!

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DV2K MigrationSep '17

Migrated servers. Coded the new website from scratch. Completely new stack: Angular, Sass, Grunt, PHP Smarty... Was proudly exhausted.

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Re-designed ScandiPoetryAug '17

This was a long overdue overhaul, and improves the navigation a lot.

Also, as I had more people involved, I actually had the opportunity to do user testing. Yay!

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Volunteer, FrivilligCenter OdenseJan - May '17

I helped plan and prototype for the new volunteer organization directory site.

Started work, Diving 2000Nov '16

I started working as a web - and graphic designer at Diving 2000 roughly two months after graduating.

Web development, web design, WordPress development, graphic design, add campaigns and interactive graphics - etc.

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Graduation, Web-integratorSep '16

I graduated the two-year program in web development at SDE after completing my final (journeyman's) exam - the grade I got was 12 (A)

My portfolio

Made This WebsiteMay '16

That's when I decied to code a personal portfolio website. TL;DR - it's the site you're currently at.

No button needed; you're already here.

ScandiPoetryDec '15

Finally found the time to make a website for my Danish/Swedish poetry translations.

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Made CodePen ProfileApr '15

After snooping around and admiring the work of other people, I decided it was time to try contributing something of my own. It's been a fun and educational ride so far.

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Started at 'Webintegrator' at SDEAug '14

I'd had a taste of code and I knew that I wanted to get better at it, so I enrolled in the course 'Web-integrator' at SDE college in Odense. In hindsight, an inevitable step since everything I had done was building up to it.

This programme is a two-year course covering HTML, CSS, responsive web design, PHP, MySQL, E-commerce, SEO and more.

Freelancing'11 - present

I took the knowledge I had gained and built upon it by providing websites, graphic design and consulting for others - primarily smaller businesses and startups looking to gain a toehold on the web. Loads of experience gained - if nothing else. :-P

My first (real) websiteOct '11

Ah, the nostalgia!

I wanted to publish my poems online, and so I set out to make a website for that. Nobody warned me of the addictive nature of the web. I'm still at it...

The site stille exists as well, but looks nothing like it did back then of course.

MultimediadesignAug '09 - Feb '10

I started the MMD education, and quickly realized that however fun, it was a grave mistake. If I had continued, I would have ended up as a Jack-of-all-trades Master-of-none. So I quit, and did freelance work instead. And I am still convinced that I learned more by taking that route than I could've otherwise.

All the same, MMD introduced me to code, and for that reason it is obviously of importance.

High SchoolAug '06 - Jun '09

I went to HF at Nakskov Gymnasium during this period of time. It was before I discovered code, so at the time I was primarily interested in science and history.

Final average score: 10,6.

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